Hello, this is Mike Michaels from Robot Garage. I have something positive for 2019 to share with you.

I would like to introduce you to a magician named Black Crystal at the Magic Museum in Hatyai, Thailand. As the name states, the museum is dedicated to magic with exhibits, magic for sale and demonstration counters, as well as 3D art experience. There is also a venue at the museum where Black Crystal performs.

Black Crystal contacted me in October last year, admitted that he was using a copy of the Jaws of Death and he was asking about the real item for purchase. I immediately thanked him for his honesty and told him I would be more than happy to help him get the authentic Jaws of Death from me and I asked to please destroy the copy prop. I explained him that it was the right choice and path for any young magicians like Black Crystal. I am telling him that I am happy he has caught this early in the career and can start a new path of success. His action demonstrates to other magicians in Thailand (and other countries) the right career path and let everyone sees that honesty is always the right direction. For magicians like Black Crystal, I will gladly help to get Las Vegas-style illusions in the future.

I feel purchasing or performing copy illusions sometimes seems to happen with a few factors: one is ethics, of course, and the other is to do with economy. It can be very expensive to buy magic props, with cases and shipping, from overseas. I think that plays a big part sadly in magicians buying poorly built copy props from unethical builders.

I am so pleased to present Black Crystal for the acknowledgement of his mistake and for his aspiring mind to forward his professionalism.

Here are some pictures of Black Crystal receiving the authentic Jaws of Death and of the copy version being cutting apart. There are other pictures of the successful museum in Thailand.

Once again, I truly appreciate for his honesty. I hope for the best and continuous success in his career.

Mike Michaels


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