Elephant trunk card catcher. This elephant trunk is designed to be in Mike's new Elephant in the room, but the trunk is sold as its own smaller single effect. It is great for comedians and emcees.

You have an audience member come on stage while the curtains closed. Then you have the audience member select a card out of a jumbo deck of cards. You say you have a 5-year old assistant and the assistant will find the chosen card. You have the assistant (the elephant trunk) come on out. That is when you feel the commotion behind the curtain and give some peanuts to the assistant right when the assistant/elephant trunk shows up through the curtain. Before the audience even have time to figure out there may be a real elephant on stage, you toss the cards in the air. The elephant (trunk) reaches high into the air, near 9 feet high and catches the selected card while the other cards fluttered to the ground. The card is sucked to the nose of the elephant so when you pull it away, the elephant blows a spray of water into the air. You feed another peanut and off she goes. 

This is a great effect because the audience never really sees the full elephant. It’s great for cruise ships and places where you would never dreamt of seeing an elephant. You could shoot promotional photos with the elephant trunk. If an agent or anyone sees the photos, they would get the impression that you have an elephant in your show, not knowing that only the trunk will be visible and there will be no real elephant.


The trunk is made by Mike's personal accredited special FX designer in Hollywood. This trunk looks spot on and is an adult size trunk. Can be adapted to other routines as well and/or sold purely as an animated trunk. There are no electronics in the trunk but manual cables by the offstage (behind the curtain) assistant who is operating the trunk’s movements. This also can be a call back in the finale after the curtain closes as she/the trunk can wave a sign says "the end. go home!" to the audience as they start to leave the showroom. Just think of the possibilities.


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UPDATED July, 2017

TV performance rights in Korea for this product/routine in 2018 has been purchased.

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